- "Welcome to Crime Wars" (10xp) (Start up CW for the first time)

- "Ta-Da!" (500xp) (Entering CW Steam Group)


-"Most Wanted" (100xp) (kill 12 players)

-"Angel of Death" (200xp) (kill 43 players)

-"Human Genocide" (5000xp) (kill 5000 players)

-"Zombie Genocide" (5000xp) (kill 5000 zombie npcs)


- "Can't get any kills" (25xp) (get 39 assist kills)

- "M'lady" (45xp) (get 122 assist kills)

- "Sidekick" (100xp) (get 996 assist kills)

- "Friends With Benefits" (25xp) (fully heal a teammate with medicgun)

- "Best-Friends With Benefits" (500xp) (fully heal 69 teammates with medicgun)

- "My First Ober" (5xp) (powercharge for the first time)

- "Sharing is Caring" (3750xp) (fully heal 999 teammates with medicgun)

- "Personal Healslut" (1xp) (fully heal 69000 teammates with medicgun)


- "Blood Money" (100xp) (kill a player with active bounty)

- "Hired Assasin" (110xp) (kill 8 players with active bounty)

- "The Collector" (120xp) (kill 17 players with active bounty)

- "The Collection" (130xp) (kill 24 players with active bounty)

- "The Collected" (140xp) (kill 36 players with active bounty)

- "Agent 47" (150xp) (kill 47 players with active bounty)

Vehicle Specific:

- "2fast" (100xp) (kill 1 player with a Volga)

- "FuriousAsFck" (200xp) (kill 7 players with a Volga)

- "2slow" (400xp) (kill 19 players with a Volga)

- "Trump Effect" (100000xp) (kill 2016 players with a Volga)

- "Desert Fox" (500xp) (kill 13 players with a tank)

- "Wargasm" (500xp) (kill 15 players with a helicopter)

- "My First Ober Ride" (30xp) (sit in passenger seat in a Volga)

- "Rolling Thunder" (300xp) (kill 5 players who are in a tank)

- "Catch That Tiger!" (300xp) (kill 45 players who are in a tank)

- "Bombs Away" (800xp) (kill 33 players with a helicopter)

Weapon Specific:

- "Kill or Get Killed" (150xp) (kill 6 players with melee weapons)

- "Ninja" (200xp) (kill 12 players with melee weapons)

- "The Ripper" (400xp) (kill 28 players with melee weapons)

- "Get Real" (350xp) (kill 35 players with Cageripper Minigun)

- "Armed and Dangerous" (1000xp) (kill 150 players with Cageripper Minigun)

- "Terminated" (1850xp) (kill 99 players with Cageripper Minigun)

- "Faceoff" (350xp) (kill 18 players with .357 Revolver)

- "Throw and Repeat" (800xp) (kill 2 players through Telefragging)

- "Finishing Touch" (100xp) (kill 23 players with Sniper)

- "Bite the Bullet" (400xp) (kill 48 players with Sniper)

- "The Mad Bomber" (130xp) (kill 10 players with Grenadelauncher)

- "Boombadaboom" (250xp) (kill 28 players with Grenadelauncher)

- "Noob Tuber" (450xp) (kill 40 players with Grenadelauncher)

- "Pyromaniac" (800xp) (kill 72 players with Flamethrower)

- "You're Fired!" (500xp) (kill 34 players with Flamethrower)

- "Grassy Knoll" (600xp) (kill 82 players with Sniper)

- "Sureshot" (750xp) (kill 128 players with Sniper)

- "The Specialist" (650xp) (kill 34 players with Silenced Deagle)

- "Darkbringer" (100xp) (kill 10 enemies with Desolator Gun)

- "Smash Hit" (450xp) (Destroy 21 vehicles/sentries with Terrordrone / EMP Headcrab )

- "Tag! You're it!" (1200xp) (Tag 47 players with Scanner Drone)

- "Hookup" (100xp) (Hook 16 players with Chainhook)

- "C4 and after" (150xp) (kill 4 players with c4)

- "Danger Close" (300xp) (kill 19 players with c4)

- "Direct Contact" (600xp) (kill 64 players with c4)

- "Predator" (200xp) (kill 3 players while invisible)

- "Silent Strike" (450xp) (kill 10 players while invisible)

- "If it bleeds..." (600xp) (kill 23 players while invisible)

- "The Hidden" (700xp) (kill 36 players while invisible)

- "Hollow Guy" (1050xp) (kill 93 players while invisible)

- "Double Down" (300xp) (kill 2 players in one c4 explosion)

- "Pro Gambler" (500xp) (kill 4 players in one c4 explosion)

- "Domino Effect" (1000xp) (kill 5 players in one c4 explosion)

- "We know you are boosting - Goodbye" (1xp) (kill 6 players in one c4 explosion)

Battle Royale:

- "Who's Hungry?" (300xp) (Win your first round of Battle Royale)

- "Scavenger" (25xp) (Pick up a dead players weapon in Battle Royale)

- "Six Feet Under" (200xp) (Pick up 22 weapons from dead players in Battle Royale)

- "Deadline" (450xp) (Pick up weapons from 212 dead players in Battle Royale)

- "Teamplayer" (50xp) (Kill a player within 10 second start of Battle Royale)

- "Unfinished Business" (300xp) (Win 3 rounds of Battle Royale)

- "Army of One" (300xp) (Win 12 rounds of Battle Royale)

- "Submit to Authority" (50xp) (Die in a round of Battle Royale)

- "The Grim Reaper" (300xp) (Win 12 rounds of Battle Royale)

Blood Money:

-"I'm Rich" (100xp) (Win 12 Blood Money matches as Criminal)

-"Public Service" (100xp) (Win 12 Blood Money matches as Cop)

-"Time is Money" (700xp) (Win 80 Blood Money matches as either Cop or Criminal)

- "Charity Case" (750xp) (Win 140 Blood Money matches as either Cop or Criminal)

- "Cops & Robbers" (1300xp) (Win 280 Blood Money matches as either Cop or Criminal) 

Capture the Flag:

- "All Your Base Belong To Us" (100xp) (Sucessfully capture 5 flags)

- "Spy Game" (500xp) (Sucessfully capture 24 flags)

- "The Art of War" (2000xp) (Sucessfully capture 48 flags)

- "Ambush" (200xp) (Kill 8 enemy flag-carriers)

- "Rainmaker" (600xp) (Kill 21 enemy flag-carriers)


- "New Guy" (100xp) (reach lvl 10 / bronze)

- "Bodyguard" (750xp) (reach lvl 20 / silver)

- "Specialist" (2500xp) (reach lvl 30 / gold)

- "Public Enemy" (5000xp) (reach lvl 40 / platinum)

- "The Feared" (15000xp) (reach lvl 50 / diamond)

- "Mythical Status" (0xp) (reach lvl 60 / legendary)


- "Heartbreaker" (5xp) (Kill a player who is healing another player)

- "Hit & Run" (25xp) (Kill a player who is driving a Volga)

- "GTA MF" (25xp) (Get run over by a Volga)

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