2015: The blue-ish lightning and thick fog has been removed in the newer versions, making it an advantage for snipers.



First version of Battleground in late 2014.

Battleground is the Dust2 of Crime Wars.

It has gone through lots of changes in appeareances and size thus making it a very playable map for most gamemodes.

Late 2014


Extended with the "BattleRoyale" Map (Shown in red)

Battleground started out as a Tank map that consisted of just hills and plain ground, later buildings were added.

Another map that was in progress at the same time called "BattleRoyale" was combined to make the map even bigger.

Battleground loading-0

In-game loading picture used for Battleground in 2015.

Early 2015


Battleground was once again extended, this time with the cut map "Deathwish" which had a identical motif. Heavily inspired by Borderlands' post-apocalyptic wasteland enviroment.

The picture also illustrates how Battleground is limited by the max size in Hammer Editor, this is as far as it can get.

Mid 2015

Multiple enviroments has been added; deserts, swamps, and grasslands. It's more of a adventure map now. The screenshot below shows the full map from outside the skybox.

Scale: players are same size as the middle building's window.


Map from above without skybox.

2016 Version - "Battleground Zero"

Completed fully working v4. Being extended in v5.

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