A big city with several enterable buildings. Made for the heist-styled gamemode Blood Money, but can be played in regular modes as well.

There is lots of verticality and you can move roof to roof, even without rocketjumping. The map is compact within interiors but outside pretty wide so you can use cars to navigate.

The Casino itself contains 2 levels with an elevator, on the lower level there is a bank vault which can be opened and looted, so the cops have to defend it.

Map name changes

2015 - The map was first called the "Heist Map", but was later changed to something more specific; "cw_bloodmoney", this caused some confusion with one of the "Blood Money"-gamemode, which in turn made it change name to "Casino Risico" in 2016, as the map is centered around the casino.

Opening Cinematic

The map is being used as location for the opening cinematic made in Source Filmmaker.

Casinorisico loading-0

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