Ninja/Assassin Class

(Done, DLC#1)

Type: Sniper/Medic Hybrid

Appeareance: Male/Female Asian, black/white/red colored clothes (example)

Voice: Japanese Accent

Outload: Tactical Bow / Legendary Katana / Smokebomb

Active Ability: Explosive arrows (5)

Passive Ability: Slowly groupheal nearby teammates

Weakness: Low hp, Easy target if exposed to battles.




"Armored Viking Heavy" Character (Needs a counter-char)

Type: Tank

Appeareance: Like HL2 Dog, but has a small bearded guy in it driving it, IKEA-inspired.

Voice: Swedish / Norwegian / German Accent

Outload: Double Mini-Minigun /

Active Ability: Mini-Rockets

Passive Ability: Jetcharge (Jetpack, quick upward jump boost only, no flying around like Agent/Thief can)

Weakness: EMPs can temporary stun & disable his weapons for 4 seconds


"Codename: Do It Yourself-Soldier" Character (Needs a counter-char)

Type: Defensive

Appereance: Fat / WT / Gasmask, Homemade Outload/Armor

Voice: Postaldude-like (voiceactor)

Main: "Special Delivery" (Mailbox Rocketlauncher)

Secondary: Quadrapple Barrel Shotgun

Equipment: Beartrap (stuns enemies for 4 seconds)

Active Ability: Senior Bitey (rabid poison headcrab pet)

Passive Ability: Slow/Stun Resistance


"Kitchen Chef Medic" Character (Needs a counter-char)

Type: Support

Voice: Either Hannibal Lecter-humanfood-cannibal or Gordon Ramsey angry.


Douchey Irish Medic Characer (Needs a counter-char)

Type: Medic

Morphine Syringe Gun:

Gives teammates +25hp shield

Drains 25hp from enemies

Both actions require the player to hold m1 to load the weap then release on fire.

(note: zenyatta inspired, maybe buffs)




-----------------------------------artic thief skin

mafia boss skin (breen head)

russian shirt guy

human hunter skin

office suit guy

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