Psychokinectic Powercharge / Shockwave


An powercharged Sheriff.


Medicgun healing a teammate.

Psychokinetic Power Charge is an ability of the Medic / Drugaddict characters. It is built up by focusing the beam of the Medigun onto a teammate for a while until it reaches 100%.

Shockwave is a defibrillator tool that can revive teammates every 20 seconds.

Blastshield / Stickyjumping


The Stickylauncher weapon.

The Demolition classes (Grenadier & Terrorist) can use their explosive weapons to jump higher by standing on the blast while detonating. Their passive ability is to not take damage from their own explosives neither falldamage from the jumping.

AI Sentry Gun / Repair

Engineer & Hacker can build sentries that automaticly shots enemies within close range. It can be upgraded up to 3 levels. It can also talk with its owner. Both these classes and Mechanic/Machinist are able to repair this sentry and map vehicles such as damaged cars and tanks.

Crack-A-Cola / Double Jumping


Classic flavor of Crack-a-Cola



Upon consumption, Crack-A-Cola gives the player a boost in a ability depending on the flavour.

Recon & Maniac classes start with the Classic cans that gives a speed boost for a limited time. They can also doublejump.

Supply Crate


Supply Crate.

1invisibility cloak3

Invisibility cloak in action.

SWAT & Gundealer characters are support classes that can generate and share supplypacks as well as kevlars with their teammates.

Invisibility Cloak / Jetpack

Thief & Agent can use their invisibility cloak equipment to dissapear from attackers sight. Combined with the classes Jetpack ability - it becomes a lethal combo of arial stealth behind enemy lines.


Since Scientist & Technician are vulnerable with their support weapons, they can summon a Pet Tank NPC to help the team, it goes under the name "Nasty Surprise", do you even lift?

Temporary Shrinking

Mechanic & Machinist characters can temporary shrink themselves into the size of a rat. The disadvantage is that their weapons become useless until they unshrink, but it is still a good stealth technique for robbing enemy base.


Arsonist & Pyro's active ability causes them to recieve a temporary dmg boost into their melee Maul.

Burning Rage / Fire Immunity

Assault & Firefighter can summon a ring of fire around themselves with the purpose to deny area passage. It will cancel if they get killed in the action.

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