CrackaCompany is the megacorporation behind brands such as Crack-A-Cola, and other health supplements.

Secret recipe

The CrackaCompany's secret recipe for Crack-A-Cola works as a marketing property protection strategy, the company presents the formula as a closely held trade secret known only to a few employees. The recipe is being stored in a high-security vault inside the CrackaCompany Tower.

In 2002, an employee tried to break into the vault but was caught by alarmed guards and sentenced to 30 years in prison. A chairsman for a rival company was later arrested for taking part in the planned heist.


CrackaCompany faced public controversy when a court case was filed against the Crack-A-Cola brand in 2005, demanding a monetary compensation of $500 million for the deaths of three workers in Rockbridge.

A few months after the case, Rockbridge union members launched the website, which called for the boycott of Crack-A-Cola.



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