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NOVEMBER 19 2016

- Test verson weaps being coded.

- Continuous database progression.

- New website in development.


- Mexico map announced.

- New member added to the dev team who works on future skins.

AUGUST 25 2016

- Ranks, Levels, Achievements.
Crimewars koreanposter2

AUGUST 14 2016

- Voice preview for Assault char & newly announced DLC Ninja/Assassin got released.

- Battleground 2016 version is working fully and being extended more.

- Test version got compiled for MAC, now it's fullly crossplatform on all 3 OSes.

- Firefighter, SWAT, Sheriff, Psycho and a new female character voice in progress.

- HUD Interface being worked on. Team selection, scoreboard etc.

- In-game ragdoll roadkilling with gibs now possible.
Cw poster characters 2 1

AUGUST 6 2016

- New voice actors for characters; Assault, Firefighter, SWAT, Sheriff, Psycho

- EU Server Planned (15 Slots / Poland)

- Linux version progressing

- New soundtrack songs released - Lunardust

- New character concepts in development for future

- More character and story lore writing in progress

AUGUST 1 2016

- Lipsyncing characters voiceacting in progress.

- Stats and scoreboard etc being worked on.

- Casino Risico map has been fixed and now has added HDR.

- New Map: Bloodgulch remake from Halo 2 almost done.

- Testing group successfully reached goal of having 20 reliable testers ready.

JULY 28 2016

- Testing continues.

- Main menu looks better than a typical AAA-game.

- New Map: Tutorial - Practice Range.

- Casino Risico map being fixed.

- Battleground 2016 version is still in progress, old map is being refered to as "Battleground Classic".

JULY 24 2016

- Outload menu is beggining to look great.

JUNE 29 2016

- Error testing preparations for TDM / BR gamemodes.

JUNE 10 2016

- Source Filmmaker Production started, will feature Motion Capture.

- New in-game icons being done and coded such as kill-assists and really unconventional; double headshots.

JUNE 4 2016

- The Criminal Team has now gotten a new female medic (Drugaddict character), as well as the new Mexican anti-SWAT class; Gundealer. Both characters feature new voiceacting.

- New Soundtrack Song released Volga Bounce.

MAY 10 2016

- A Source Filmmaker Cinematic is being planned, featuring the characters and their abilities.

- Six of the gamemodes have been adapted into the new clean game version.

- New voice actors have been casted for missing characters voices.

- A mini version of Battleground.

March 10 2016

- HLstats & dedicated server being worked on.

- The official Blood Money-mode map is complete > "Casino Risico".

Feb 21 2016

- Volga coming back. In addition to that the new car map "Eightball".

- Crime Wars Comic - BR Prologue Page 1 released.

Feb 15 2016

- Updated Class Abilities, now with full weapons list and abilities.

Feb 14 2016

- 2016 test version released for devs. Runs very smooth.

Jan 27 2016

- New posters featuring first look at some character classes.

- Player-controllable planes being considered for vehicles, previously there were only helicopters.

- New official map announced and ready: cw_Outlands.

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