The newly elected president Mark Turner (Grand Union Party) plans to merge the private sector with the state while allowing vigilantes to elliminate criminality in order to restore order in the severly weakened America.

When the state is in decline or when it does actually collapse, the ones who do know how to execute violence — those with experience in the military, police forces or organized crime — will be in very high demand. When there is no order and no security, the desperate populace will beg for order and security, and it will pay for those. The former soldiers, former policemen and former criminals will start offering protection services in exchange for money. Critics claim private defense agencies could create defense monopolies. Some claim they will be like mafia groups, and a "gang war" will arise among them.

Private Defense Agencies

A private defense agency (PDA) is an organization that provides some form of law enforcement or security outside traditional government measures.

The widely held image of the notoriously undisciplined, cowardly contractors who roam the land looting, raping, and murdering, however, is (mostly) wrong. A contractor is a businessman, first and foremost, and as such is dependent on someone to hire him. So those contractors whose behavior does not advance the goals of an employer would be driven off the market (or into the ground) by those who aren't.

A major drawback of Private Defense Agencies is that if two of them have different ideas of what constitutes "the law," it can lead to costly fights if they cannot agree on a mediator in the manner described above. And this leads to the next drawback; when someone is caught in the middle of committing an act that only one PDA considers a crime.

A further drawback is that richer people can afford better private defense than poorer people, leading to injustice against the poor and pretty much everybody except the richest sectors of society. Private defense agencies started becoming common during the late 19th century, were they provided a means by which factory owners could break strikes and perform espionage on labor unions.


In contrast to the richer gated communities cyberpunk/transhuman technology, the slums are very primitive and uses junk as main resource for anything.

Cops Team Groups


Independent actors

Pyro, Mechanic, Ninja (DLC), Civilian (VIP)

City Cops

Local police

Sheriff, Firefighter, Detective


Anti-heist security

Marksman, SWAT, Grenadier, Enforcer


Intelligence agency

Scientist, Engineer, Agent, Medic


Foreign russian state security

Recon, Soldier

Criminal Team Groups

The Grape Street Gang

White Street gang

Drugaddict, Thief,

The East Jam Gang

Black Street gang

Juggernaut, Technician Gangster (VIP)

The European Mob

Irish/Italian coalition

Assault, Mobster,

The Sokolov Family

South-European organized crime

Mercenary, Sniper,

Russian Mob

Russian organized crime

Anarchist, Hacker,


Japanese organized crime

Assassin (DLC)


Mexican organized crime



Independent actors

Arsonist, Psycho, Machinist, Terror

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