Event Updates

Depending on release date the order will change. Events are avaible for 1 month (rewards etc, but gamemodes & maps will be permanent).

Year 1

  • Rocket Jumping Fun (Mercenary/Terorrist vs Soldier/Grenadier Update)
  • Race Wars (Volga Race Maps)
  • Community Spotlight (Workshop Maps #1)
  • New Asian Ninja / Assassin Class (DLC Class #1)
  • Beach Bodies (Summer Skins #1)
  • Counterfeit Art (Blood Money Maps)
  • Lightspeed Roadtrip (Space Maps) (Ricochet map remake; jumppads arena)
  • Darwin Awards Goes To... (Battle Royale Maps)
  • American Nightmare (Purge Hats) (Halloween #1)
  • I'd Fuck Me (Agent vs Psycho Update)
  • New Scandinavian/German Tank Class (DLC Class #2)
  • Community Spotlight (Workshop Maps #2)
  • A Criminal Christmas (Santa Hat only at 24/25th dec) (Christmas #1)
  • Secret Christmas Gift (Coop Invasion Mode + Maps)

Year 2

  • Born To Slav Squat (Anarchist vs Sniper Update)
  • Fastmoney Delivery (Blood Money Maps)
  • New Australian Offensive Class (DLC Class #3) <--- hopefully
  • Independence Day (USA Hats Update)
  • Community Spotlight (Workshop Maps #3)
  • Stunts (Volga Stunt Maps)
  • Sauna Life (Summer Skins #2)
  • Bounty Hunters (Kill Confirmed Mode + Maps)
  • Snuff Science (Scientist vs Engineer Update)
  • American Nightmare Part 2 (Purge Hats) (Halloween #2)
  • New Secret Class (DLC Class #4)
  • Community Spotlight (Workshop Maps #4)
  • A Christmas Crime (Reindeer Hat only at 24/25th dec)(Christmas #2)
  • Secret Christmas Gift (-------------------)

Year 3

  • Disco Inferno (Arsonist vs Firefighter Update)
  • New Secret Class (DLC Class #5)
  • Community Spotlight (Workshop Maps #5)
  • SummerWhack (Summer Skins #3)
  • Armored Evolution (Tank Wars Maps)
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Born Dead (Horror Movie Hats) (Halloween #3)
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA (to be announced)

Cops Skins


Clinical Suit (Skin DL) (body only)

Holiday Suit (Skin DL)


Hooded Suit (Skin DL)

Black Suit (Skin DL)

Zombie Suit (Skin DL)


Detective Suit (Skin DL) (body/hat only)

Criminals Skins


Adidas Suit (Skin DL)

Heat Suit (Skin DL)


Clown Suit (Skin DL ) (body only)

Chainsaw Suit (Skin DL) (body only)

Bunny Suit (Skin DL)


Builder Suit (Skin DL) (body + helmet only)


Insideman Suit (Skin DL)

Smooth Suit (Skin DL)

Bond Suit/ "Thief Unmasked" (Skin DL)

Drug Addict

Adventure Suit (Skin DL)


Crossbones (Skin DL) (mask only)

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