Player vs Enviroment example in Star Wars Galaxies.


Freeroam mode is like a lobby where your free and don't have any gamemode objectives to complete, you can interact with npcs as vendors or questgivers, as well as enemies.

Freeroam influences overall game?

Crafted weapons in freeroam means you unlock the weapon for the class in regular deathmatch modes.

The "Heist" map works as a freeroam map with actual shops.

The skills are part of your profile. Some skills like "Health"(more hp) and "Agility"(faster running) are very useful for example Capture the Flag-mode.

You always recieve main-lvl xp when doing objectives in regular modes.


Procentage of damage done = XP Recieved

Main Freeroam features:

  • Crafting
  • Skills & Activities (like mining)
  • Quests/Missions (story driven)
  • Trading (loot & crafted items)
  • Exploring
  • Daily Challenges (random mini quests)
  • Exclusive items & weapon unlocks for regular modes

Player vs Enviroment (COOP):

  • Dungeons (special npcs)
  • Bossfights (boss npcs)
  • Hunting (wildlife npcs)
  • Robberies (against shops)

Player vs Player (PVP):

  • Duels
  • Race
  • Demolition Derby

I'm thinking of these as minigames which can exist on the same map as the freeroam map ur playing without any extra gamemodes enabled. The minigames will take place in arena-like settings.

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