Team Deathmatch (DM)

Free 4 All (F4A)

4 Team Versus (MultiTDM)

Capture the Flag (CTF)

Blood Money (BM)

The teams race to stack of money then have to bring it to their base, u can loot dead players cash, enemies can raid bases money, team with filled vault wins.

Battle Royale (BR)

Battle Royale Z (BRZ)

Deathwish (DW)

Jailbreak (JB)

Break out of prison.

Heist Classic (Heist)

One team vs npcs, intrude the location and steal, then get to EP - extraction point, [has the traitor & cop respawn]

Heist Versus (Heistvs) 

(cops vs criminals, blue team works with bank security npcs ---- money multiplies 2x after escape as a bonus)

Vip Assassination (Vip)

Kill the VIP/get VIP to extraction point, no respawn.


Map based game rules, demolition derby / race etc.

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