Why have skills in a fps game?

- Having leaderboards for kill death ratio in fps games is fundamental, but mixing in skills would be even more interesting to see what rank you are at doing things you like in-game.

Skills is a goal you spend time on to reach, it's a feature to keep people playing and exploring, it blends perfectly into regular "freeroam" gameplay, crafting as a skill for example. Areas on big maps like Battleground can be explored for mining and woodcutting. The skill system isn't limited to freeroam maps, there is skills like "Heisting" and "Survival" that are gamemode-specific skills but will benefit your profile/character.


What a skills and minigame leaderboard can look like.

The overall lvl you are is called "main level" and is unlocked by main xp you recieve when gaining points in any gamemode - killing players/npcs, capturing flags, match bonuses etc.

These skills will have 99 lvls and take long time to complete, once you reach highest lvl you get some aesthethicly pleasing clothing that's non-tradeable and rare, while showing that you "mastered" a skill.


In Runescape you recieve a "skillcape" when reached lvl 99.

Skills & Activities

  • Skills3
    Health (increases as you main-level up)
  • Mining (mining stones)
  • Woodcutting (cutting trees)
  • Farming (planting seeds)
  • Dungeoneering (killing boss npcs)
  • Construction (doing crafting)
  • Cooking (cooking npc flesh)
  • Heisting (doing robberies)
  • Hunting (killing wildlife npc's)
  • Assasination (doing hit contracts)
  • Agility (when running)
  • Herblore (making drugs)
  • Fishing (doing fishing)
  • Smithing (melting stones)
  • Survival (playing BR minigame)
  • Scavenging (looting)

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