Notice the snowy enviroment that has been changed in the Battleground version.




Planned at the same time Battle Royale gamemode started development.

The idea was to make a big map that can be explored, it also had fog t

o make it difficult to navigate.

It was later used to extend the Battleground map, which also supports and is considered the main map for BR mode.

Some locations from the map are re-used in the map Battleground.


cw_Deathwish. The whole map was integrated into Battleground.


The planned sequel to Battleground, built for the likely "player vs npc"-gamemode called Deathwish.

Heavily inspired by the Borderlands game, the goal was to capture the post-apocalyptic wasteland feel.

It was later used to extend the Battleground map, a similiar fate as the Battle Royale map.

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